Flying Battery Zone v1 Video Game Loop
Iridion 3D - Cytector [Surge] Video Game Song
People of Earth Dance Song
En Transis Techno Song
WIP Today Miscellaneous Song
TS3 Spaceport [Surge Mix] Trance Song
Going Wrong [Surge Mix] Trance Song
DJ Surge Original: "Onward" Miscellaneous Song
Feel Good Inc [Surge Mix] Trance Song
This Song Contains... Classical Song
Tomorrow [Surge Mix] Video Game Song
Love You More feat. DJ Surge Trance Song
Battleship Miscellaneous Song
SML: Muda Kingdom Loop Video Game Loop
Fly Away (With Me) [Surge Mix] Trance Song
Everytime We Touch [Surge Mix] Dance Song
F-Zero: Big Blue [Surge Mix] Video Game Song
Iridion 3D: Moon Assault[Surge Video Game Song
SML 2: Space Zone [Surge Mix] Video Game Song
Planet Iridion [Surge Mix] Video Game Song
[Burning Silence] Miscellaneous Loop
Anaconda [Surge Mix] Video Game Loop
WIP August 2007 Video Game Loop
Battle Above the Clouds[Surge] Trance Song
Orbital Shipyard Ambient Song
Hero's Journey(Asteroid Belt) Video Game Song
The Legacy of Big Blue Trance Song
Mystery VG Music Quiz 1 Miscellaneous Song
Iridion 3D - The Pacific Video Game Song
F - Zero GX: Red Canyon +1 Video Game Song
Jeopardy! +1 Miscellaneous Loop
F - Zero: Big Blue +1 Video Game Song
SML2 Where Next? +1 (loop) Video Game Loop
Into the Fire +2! Video Game Song
Cere - Boss (loop) Video Game Song
Embark - Future Trance Song
Lightspeed Loop Video Game Loop
TS2: Streets +1 Video Game Song
Fire Emblem: SS +1 Video Game Song
SM64 Darkness +1 Video Game Song
The Perilous Fight Dance Song
Man and Machine Trance Song
Super Mario Land 2 (+1) Video Game Loop
F-Zero GX: Antonio Guster Video Game Song
SSBM Metal Battle +1 Video Game Loop
Blast Corps +1 Video Game Song
Sounds of the Battlefield Miscellaneous Song
Techy in the Skies +1 Techno Song
Iridion 3D - Into the Fire +1 Video Game Song