Audio Crusade

2007-08-03 01:05:53 by TheBagCartel

Zomg I just remixxed another song from Iridion 3D. It got in my head yesterday and the freaking thing wouldn't leave ^ ^

New NG layout has impressed me, especially the new design for the Audio Portal. Nice visualizer lolz.

It seems that NG's artists got better in like a half a day. I'm even more hard-pressed to compete! All in all it's quite the challenge. Thanks, 'yall!


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2007-08-03 02:01:02

i'd have to disagree with you there. its sucks for the audio. layout looks nice, but beneath the fluff there's a lot of flaws.

we cant keep track of our reviews.

we dont know when someone has left us with a new review without clicking on the page.

the audio page seems to lag a lot for me....and I have a fast cable connection.

more clicks = less people listening to music, it was really better the way before when all the audio clips(or 50 of them) were on one page.

the redesign didnt grant NG users what they wanted the most:
-being able to delete our own audio
-ability to post longer descriptions of tracks
-new voting system-you can mass 0 and 5 vote multiple times...personally i enjoy the old system better.

hopefully i am wrong and they will implent these options later...i know the staff said they would slowly add a delete your own audio feature, but we'll see how long it takes them.

TheBagCartel responds:

I cetainly hope there is no mass-voting granted. I'm sure, however, that things will improve, which is back to my post. I know now that I'll be able to see my audio via My Account later on, due to the changes being made.

The transition isn't over yet, and some ppl have it better than others just randomly, like your lag situation. I'm sure in due time it won't be as bad.


2007-08-03 11:10:04

Its the layout...before all ya'll were like...sigh...back to the old and boring newgrounds. BUT nooooow we are all going, WOOO! maan! let me look at that lustful beauty that is newgrounds. Course saying that in public would like get you a ticket to a mental institute (saying newgrounds I mean...what? know how those damn politicians are XD)...anywho...onto your audio :D


TheBagCartel responds:

lolz ^ ^


2007-08-13 17:08:31



2007-10-23 02:20:38

Actually you can keep track of your reviews, i just found it out tonight in fact.

You click on my account and at the bottom is Audio submissions, you click on that and it has a much nicer view of your audio, including an edit button !!!

It shows how many reviews, how many are new, listens, votes and number of ppl who have favored it. and of course the score.

Anyway just popped by to say "yo" to Surge and to tell him to check out my stuff. XD


2007-11-07 19:06:49

Hey whats up? Its been forever since we last talked! Drop by my blog or the bleach club sometime and say hi man!


2007-12-30 23:52:57

Ayo, Lt., How's everything?
I am trying to create an actionscript for a music player that works just like "a-bot" in the audio portal. One that goes along with the music. It's hard to find the proper coding, which is why I asked some of the admins, and even the audio portal's actionscriptor for a lil help :3

Hopefully, when finished, it will play some of paragon's audio's mixid in with some of your finest.

Till then, I'll TRY to keep things in order at The Times Splitters crew.