Back into the Groove

2008-11-03 21:42:07 by TheBagCartel

Well, it seems things have been quite turbulent, lately. Work is less and College is creeping up, good thing I have such cool friends and my honey Christina.

In fact, if it wasn't for her I would prolly have not wanted to keep making music.

So, every now and then a new song will be produced for the sake of music, love and passion she brings out of me :)

I appreciate all whoever still watches out for my stuff lol.. it's been a while


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2008-11-07 21:10:49

Nice new track. it's fresh

TheBagCartel responds:

^_^; ah but vocals will need touching up
thx man!


2008-11-19 20:10:29

Welcome back! I look forward to more :D

TheBagCartel responds:

:3 don't worry new stuff coming before Christmas

(college can be a huge paaiin ~,~)


2008-12-06 19:49:36

Lols you just need a little push X3

TheBagCartel responds:

:3 by the right person