2014-10-15 15:46:23 by TheBagCartel

So after a very long hiatus, I've found my old Newgrounds account. I intend to fix a few old things up and add a few things.

Due to 'full-life consequences' I must be honest when I say I cannot dedicate my time fully to being a creator and pushing out finished products, but I will be making time and organizing my time better in order to satisfy my need to use this gift of creativity I seem to have...

I would also like to thank all in the past who have given me kind words and criticism alike. Thank you very much, indeed.

If you're interested in what I'm working on at the moment, you're welcome to check out my DeviantArt page. I'm working on a science-fiction/fantasy tale, though really I suppose you could say I'm trying to build an entire universe... and believe me, it's pretty damn time-consuming. But I enjoy it.


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2014-12-20 00:01:28

Glad to have you back dude!

TheBagCartel responds:

Thank you verrr much. I remember you! How you been?